I believe that beauty is ageless and that no matter what your number is, it’s the method you carry yourself that keeps you looking beautiful! A number of you beautiful girls varying in age from very early 40’s right approximately 70’s, have been contacting me recently asking for fashion recommendations.

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Designer wear for all ages

Open Trunk, like the name suggests, of textiles and designs. The portal, in a first of sorts, is giving a platform for over 40 designers from throughout to showcase their collections on one platform.

” Our collections show the changing design fads among older females. It no more means that as soon as you hit 35 or 40, you need to stay with your house.

Dressing Your Age

Then there’s “age appropriateness” – a problem for 40-50-something females leaders, the most typical age when women ascend to senior leadership placements.

” Looking ‘age ideal’ for a lady in midlife doesn’t suggest she has to look plain or matronly,” Oppenheimer says. “The problem typically is the opposite.

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Drape not Pleat


One of the things that women over 40 need to keep in mind is that the fall of the dress makes a lot of difference. Even if the females in her 40s wishes to put on somthing that resembles a laid-back dress or frock she could as long as she gets the drape right.

Go For Classic Looks

One of the advantages of being women over 60 is that “we’ve seen it all”– we’ve been via every kind of fashion trend as well as short-lived pattern possible throughout our lives.

For More Tips on Look Fabulous over 40 and Beyond   Click Here

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