I feel it’s something that is dependably there, something you’re conceived with that gets lost en route, or stolen by others. You didn’t come out of the womb unsure of your cry or insecure about your large umbilical cord. You came out blissfully unaware of external judgment, concerned only with your own experience and needs I’m not proposing that you ought to be unmindful of other individuals. It’s recently that it might recall certainty was your unique nature before time began etching endlessly at it.


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Know your qualities and shortcomings

Your biggest personal strength would be something that comes very easily for you Take some time and consider what falls into place without a hitch for you. It could be anything. For example, perhaps you have no problems having conversations with people you meet for the first time, or being able to think of quick solutions in a tense environment.

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Remember, don’t choose attributes that you want to have. Choose those which really represent you. You can choose more than five if you want to.

Now that you have your list, you know what your biggest strengths are. Leverage them.

To help you think about what to include in your strengths and weaknesses, try asking yourself questions like:

• What am I great at?

• What have others complimented me about?

• What have others needed to help me with over and over?

• Which undertakings and errands appear to deplete my vitality?

• Which ventures have I invested hours on without getting drained?

• What are my side interests, and why do I like doing them?

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Take an identity test

Not with standing the time you’ve spent contemplating yourself and the feelings you’ve accumulated from others, identity tests are another valuable asset to help you recognize qualities and shortcomings.

Taking control of your self-assurance

On the off chance that you are low in self-assurance, is it conceivable to do things that will change that? Is your self-assurance in your control?

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