Cooking ground beef on the stove top seems simple enough, but so much can go wrong. Have you ever crowded the pan too much, and found yourself with rubbery, steamed ground beef? Does your beef seep out a ton of liquid, or do you find it difficult to dice the meat up into bite-size pieces, causing “meat rocks”. If cooking properly ground beef eludes you, have no fear. These kinds of pictures will show you how effectively brown surface beef — or any ground meat, for example — so that your tacos, tomato sauce, and slack joes turn out delicious every time.

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1. Heat the Pan

Before searing the meat, preheat a large skillet over medium-high heat. This is an 8-inch skillet and it can cook a half to one pound of meat. Use a 10-inch or 12-inch pan to support more meat. You do not want to herd the pan or different the meat wills heavy steam.

2. Sear the Meat

Once the pan is heated through, add the ground beef to the middle of the pan. Don’t start chopping it! Allow it to sear for around two minutes, or until it finally browns. Whenever it has thoroughly seared, it should easily release from the pan by making use of a spatula.

3. Flip and Sear the Other Side

When the beef has seared on one side, flip it and sear the other area for about two minutes.

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4. Chop It Up

Once the meat has seared on each side, quickly chop it up using a metal spatula. Spread the meat away, therefore it has room to sear rather than heavy steam. Don’t touch the various meats for approximately one small to allow the organic pieces to sear.

5. Turn all the meat

Continuously until any red or pink of meats turn brown. Continue this method until all the various meats is brown.

6. Drain the water from your beef.

• Pour it into a colander or softly drain all the fat and water from the meat using the spatula in order to avoid meat falling into the sink.
• Pour the beef onto a newspaper towel. Gently dab the beef with another newspaper towel to take out excess olive oil and water.

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• To add extra flavor to your meat as you brown, replace the quarter cup (59 ml) of water with beef stock.
• Some recipes require beef browned with onions. Put finely diced onions to the pan before adding the beef and make as normal.
• You can also seasoned sodium to your meat as you cook to add flavor.

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