You don’t need special equipment and lots of time to make raw food. Have a look at these easy raw food dishes!

Raw food can seem a little bit intimidating, right? So many raw recipes call for special equipment and hours of preparation, it makes consuming raw appear like something that’s just for folks with lots of time on their hands, but that doesn’t have to be real! If you’re searching for more methods to ditch heavy, energy-sapping foods from your diet plan, green shakes do the trick.

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Sure, you can get yourself a food dehydrator and spend 8-12 hours making crackers, but if time is not your greatest commodity, that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the raw food action! Numerous raw food recipes seem like they take a very long time to make, but a great deal of that time is exactly what I prefer to call “passive cooking.” You’re not really involved– the active ingredients are simply soaking or marinating, however you can be sleeping or at work while that happens.

1. Raw kale salad.

This easy kale salad is delicious and hearty. The kale wilts as it marinates, providing it a texture that’s really near to prepared kale.

2. Gazpacho.

This cold summer soup comes together likely split and is a great warm-weather dish.

3. Collard green wraps.

Crunchy collards stuffed with a nutty filling – what’s not to love?

4. Raw strawberry pie.

No baking required!

5. Raw granola.

In a large bowl, combine rolled oats with raw almond butter and a bit of agave, adjusting to taste. You can add dried fruit to this, too! Spread into a pan and refrigerate for an hour, or as much as overnight, then transfer to a storage container.

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Raw Breakfast Ideas

• Mango Rose Smoothie Bowl

With a tropical green smoothie topped with a mango rose. Don’t stress, you don’t need any crazy knife abilities to attain it– just a little persistence! Try serving the entire thing inside half a coconut for a much more stunning discussion.

• Carrot Creamsicle Smoothie

No matter the weather, one sip of a coconut-filled smoothie will transport you to a secluded tropical beach. Plus, the skin-boosting nutrients in the carrot will leave your skin radiant, as if you actually did invest a day taking in the sun.

• Green Smoothie Bowl

Veggies have never tasted so sweet. Though the shake is packed with kale, spinach, and cucumber, pear keeps it fruity and ginger adds just enough of a kick. Toss in a spoonful of coconut oil before blending for extra energy.

Raw Lunch and Dinner Recipes

• Veggie Wellness Bowl

As colorful as it is tasty, this veggie bowl brings together pretty much everything but the kitchen sink: carrots, tomato, cucumber, pea shoots, hemp seeds, cashews– plus a generous dollop of tahini sauce to complete the whole thing off.

• Raw Broccoli Salad

Keep it simple—that’s the inspiration behind Kris Carr’s raw broccoli salad. Whisk together a quick dressing of lemon juice, garlic, basil, and hemp oil, and you’re done!

• Raw Stuffed Squash Blossoms

Left raw, the delicate sweetness of fresh squash blossoms really shines. Pipe them complete of raw “ricotta” made from pine nuts and nutritional yeast for a stylish appetizer your guests will not forget at any time quickly.

Raw desserts

• Matcha Ice Cream Cake

No dairy needed here— rich coconut milk whipped until thick and fluffy produce an uber-creamy ice cream. Earthy matcha green tea adds a mellow sweet taste that tastes beyond revitalizing on a hot day.

• Paleo Samoas

Raw almonds and coconut have never tasted so good. Like the cherished Girl Scout cookie, our Samoas are covered in coconut caramel and sprinkled with chocolate. The only difference: we neglected the highly processed components and switched in almonds, dates, and shredded coconut.

• Chocolate Ginger Truffles

Spicy ginger and zesty orange lighten up the decadent cacao flavor of these easy raw truffles. Because they get their sweetness from medjool dates, they’re healthy sufficient to pop as a mid-afternoon treat.


For more Healthy Raw Food Recipes Click Here

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