Relieve Stress: Lemon Balm

We all know how important it is to manage stress, but it’s crucial after 40. As you age, you’re more prone to stress-related conditions like obesity, type-2 diabetes, brain atrophy, heart illness, high blood pressure and more.

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Fortunately, all-natural lemon balm is one of the most effective stress relievers out there, It works likewise to prescription tension medications like Valium, binding to brain receptors that soothe you down and minimize stress and anxiety.


Relieve Bloating: Pineapple Juice

Of course, avoiding salty and fatty foods is important, but as we age, hormonal changes make a flat belly harder and harder to achieve even if you watch what you eat. After 40, your sex hormones fluctuate, making your body retain more water and your GI tract not as efficient, resulting in bloating.

Keep your tummy in talk to pineapple juice, a natural belly flattener! Simply one small can a day contains gastrointestinal enzymes (referred to as bromelain) that help break down the food in your gut that might otherwise trigger bloating and gas.

Desire an even simpler way to drink it? Make pineapple juice ice; six cubes a day in your water will help enhance your metabolic process thanks to the cold, and they’ll absorb gradually for daylong digestion relief


Master the Skill of Quick Stress Relief

Learn to Use Your Senses to Stay Calm in Stressful Situations

Stress isn’t always bad. Stress within your comfort zone works for you. In workable dosages, tension assists you carry out under pressure and motivates you to do your best. However when you feel risky, insecure, and overwhelmed, or are constantly running in emergency situation mode, your mind, body, and relationships pay the cost. Tension outside of your convenience zone reduces your capability to think clearly, act properly, and closes down your body’s capability to preserve and fix your health..

There are countless techniques for dealing with stress. Talking to an understanding friend, exercise, yoga, and meditation, for example, can relieve stress. But it might not be useful (or even possible) to opt for a run or practice meditation when you’re exhausted by your morning commute, stuck in a stressful meeting at work, or fried from another argument with your spouse. For situations like these, you need something more available. That’s where quick stress relief is available in.


The finest method to decrease tension rapidly and reliably is by taking a deep breath and utilizing your senses– exactly what you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch– or relaxing motion. By viewing a favorite image, smelling a specific aroma, paying attention to a favorite piece of music, tasting a piece of gum, or hugging an animal, for instance, you can rapidly unwind and focus yourself.

Experimenting with your senses

Each time you feel stressed, try a different sensory experience and note how long it takes for your stress levels drop. Remember: you’re searching for something that works practically immediately.

As you experiment, be as precise as possible. What is the most perfect image, the specific kind of sound, or type of movement that affects you the most? For instance, if you’re a music fan, listen to several artists and kinds of music until you find an expression or a tune that quickly makes you feel more in control of yourself– simply by thinking of it.


If you’re a visual person, try to relieve stress by surrounding yourself with soothing and uplifting images. If there’s nothing visual within reach, attempt closing your eyes, taking a deep breath, and imagining a soothing image.

• Watch a relaxing desktop screensaver with a soothing uplifting image.
• If you have a pleasant view from your window, spend a couple of minutes gazing outdoors.
• If motion relaxes you, select chairs that are movable like a rocking chair.

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Are you a music lover? Or a nature lover? Experiment with the following:

• The right music can lower your blood pressure and help you relax. Keep the music that works for you on your phone, computer, iPod, or play it in the car when traffic has you stressed.
• No music at hand? Trying singing or humming a favorite tune.
• Tune into a soundtrack of nature, such as crashing waves, wind rustling the trees, birds singing.
• If the genuine thing is on your doorstep, even much better.



Smelling a flower
Scent can be a powerful memory trigger. The smell of newly cut grass might advise you of your childhood or a specific fragrance might advise you of a romantic partner. If the memory is a pleasant, assuring one, you can utilize it to help calm or stimulate you

• Experiment with essential oils. Many people find lavender, tea tree, or orange blossom relaxing. Simply put a few drops in your palm or on a tissue and inhale.
• Light a scented candle or burn some incense.
• Keep plants or fresh flowers in your home or workspace.


Fortified Cereals

Cure your crankiness in the morning with fortified cereals, specifically those fortified with vitamin B6. It’s been shown to decrease crankiness, irritation, and mood swings thanks to its neurological impacts. Start your day with just 1 cup of strengthened cereal, such as wheat bran, to provide your state of mind the increase it requires.


Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts are a perfect remedy for when you’re feeling anxious throughout the day. They’re rich in omega-3s, which can help in reducing anxiety by keeping stress-causing hormonal agents cortisol and adrenaline in check. Macadamia nuts make a great snack when you require a lift at work or when you have kids in the car. They’re so big and filling, you only require consuming 8 nuts a day!


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