We all want to look our best — and by “best” we mean the most youthful version of ourselves. There are many ways to slow down the aging process; using sunscreen consistently, consuming great deals of fruits and veggies, drinking considerable amounts of water, having a workout routine and using quality skin care can all help keep you young.

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But for those of you, who might have missed the anti-aging memo, we hate to break it to you, but once the crow’s feet and sun spots have set in, there aren’t many ways to make them disappear short of spending tons of cash or getting cosmetic surgery. So your next finest option is to fake it. And how can you fake it, you ask? With makeup, obviously.


Concealer to Disguise Crow


“Usually crow’s feet have a brown undertone,” To cancel out the color, she recommends a concealer with a pink or pinkish-beige tone to cancel out the color. For medium to olive complexion, look for peachy or ocher undertones in your concealer. Given that crow’s feet have the tendency to angle down, use concealer in an upward movement.


Try This Lip Color to Look Younger


The anti-aging skin care routine you apply to your face needs to encompass your lips. The skin on your lips is actually thinner than the skin on the rest of your face (not to mention, your lips don’t consist of oil glands to keep them hydrated), which causes them to shrivel and shrink as you age, For long-lasting protection, use a lip balm with sunscreen and keep them moisturized during the night.


No makeup routine is complete without an open, bright eye sporting lots of dimensions.


  • Sweep a neutral beige or warm champagne eyeshadow over your eyelid. Stay with matte shadows with a little bit of a velvety texture or an extremely low-level shimmer.
  • Blend a medium brown, gray or plum into the eye crease using a small blending brush. Focus the majority of your attention on the external corner of the eye using windshield wiper movements.
  • Plump up your eyelash line by smudging a dark brown cream eye pencil into the base of your lashes. Keep the line thin to discreetly develop up your lashes.
  • Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler to open the eyes and give your lashes definition.
  • Finish with brown or black mascara on the leading lashes, focusing a little additional attention on the outer corner of the eye.

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Yes, You Can Wear Eye Makeup


It’s clear that eyeliner has wonderful, eye-defining properties. But as you grow older, the skin above your eyelash line ends up being saggy and droopy. The fix? Swap your routine pencil eyeliner (which can drag and pull on your skin, creating those “dashed” lines) for cream eyeliner with a brush, or gel liner, as they use more smoothly.


Choose Foundation That Gives You a Glow


“Medium coverage foundations that are silicone-based add dewiness to your skin and help with ruddiness, in addition to covering veins, which can appear more visible as skin thins “Just don’t attempt and include additional coverage by means of a pushed powder, as that can create a too-matte, cakey appearance. Instead, choose a loose powder utilized moderately.

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